Keepin’ it “Tight” with Jesus

This song came on shuffle today.


I wish my peers would be more excited for and participate in prayer meetings. It’s hard not to judge and be discouraged when brothers and sisters do not see corporate prayer as important — Doctors’ appointments are perpetually scheduled at the designated prayer time, or the “reason” for not praying is to “fellowship” with one another. “It’s not really my thing.” WHAT. There are many more things I am annoyed at, but I will refrain from further venting.

Instead, I hope and pray for revival. That one day people will recognize corporate prayer as essential for the church. That people will join together with expectation that mountains will move. Whether in sorrow or celebration, people will come in obedience.

We came here so we could rock the house
Blow it up and turn it out
Make you dance, make you dance
Party up and we be putting it down
Baby, maybe we can rock the house
Turn it up and blow it out
Make you dance, make you dance
[Insert your name] came to rock the house