Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate-Chip Cookies


I’m doing this cookie review completely from memory since back when I bought these cookies to try (February), I didn’t think I was going to be doing reviews. I figured I should include these anyway. Sorry I don’t have a picture of the actual cookie.


My first thoughts were “these are very fibrous and a bit salty.” I haven’t eaten a lot of vegan cookies so I don’t have anything to compare them to, but these are what I would say “tough chewy” – kind of like ripping apart a hard-crusted piece of bread. There are chocolate chips, but this is mostly a oatmeal cookie. Again, FIBROUS. I wasn’t crazy about these at first, but they grew on me. In addition to being vegan, these cookies were made with all-organic ingredients.

Extremely uniform and round.

Packaging is double layered. There is a plastic bag inside a lined brown paper bag. Re-sealable by fold down and those wire-like things that fold inward (is there a name for this? I don’t know it).

$5.89 for I think 10-12 cookies. I can’t remember. From Whole Foods.

Not sure I would buy these again… maybe a different flavor.


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