Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner by Dean Karnazes

First of all, Dean Karnazes is INSANE.

My cousin, who is an avid runner recommended this book to me. Dean Karnazes is her hero, and after reading this book I can see why. This guy has pushed (and continues to push) his body and his mind to its limits. Once upon a time I was a runner (track-and-field, as opposed to cross-country, which is a complete other animal), but I quickly and easily gave it up after middle school. I do not enjoy running, and only do it sometimes as a form of exercise, but reading Karnazes’ account of multiple 100+ miles races makes me want to go running.  I probably will never run a marathon, or even a 5K (I can barely run 2 miles without stopping!), but his story was an inspiring way to kick off the new year. It was a good reminder to keep chasing my dreams, and that what I think I can or can’t accomplish is often more a battle in my mind.

I’ll probably keep these book “reviews” very brief even if I have tons to say about it.
Jan 3-6.


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