Cover of “People Help the People”… and some other things

This cover of “People Help the People” by Leroy Sanchez is the first time I’m hearing this song. It’s originally by Cherry Ghost, and further made popular by Birdy. The song is hauntingly beautiful, and all the music videos of it by the aforementioned artists are done in the same black-and-white style while traveling through a city.

I’ve been following Leroy ever since a friend posted his cover of “Love on Top” (below) on Facebook. Leroy is incredibly talented, cute, and from Spain! He’s currently attending college somewhere in Miami (or maybe he’s graduated?), and I think his video for “People Help the People” is filmed somewhere in the downtown area. If you didn’t know, I’m originally from Miami, but it’s been over a decade since I’ve been back. It seems (if I am correct about the video being filmed in Miami) that the public transportation system has flourished. As best as I can remember, when my family moved from Miami to New York, they were just starting to expand the Metrorail, and beginning to pave a separate lane just for buses.

Yeah, I’m kind of in love with Leroy. I hope he doesn’t lose his Spanish accent from being in the U.S. too long. It’s sexy. Here’s a playlist of my favorites of Leroy.


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