My Fifteen Minutes of Fame (sort of)

So last night my brother informed me that my “Breakfast” post got picked up by a big photo blog. Ever since my last post, my blog has gotten a lot of hits,  300-1000+ a day, and a majority from Thailand. (That’s probably not a lot in the blogging world, but to me it’s a lot).  Anyway, I headed over to the other blog to see what it wrote about my post, and of course, to read some of the comments…

The comments are funny to say the least, and mostly all negative (haters rule the internet! haha). The first pointed out the mistake of me saying I only missed 6 days of breakfast, as if there are 356 days in a year…HAHAHAHAHA WOOPS! Didn’t even realized I did that. After I posted the collage, I found other breakfast pictures that I forgot to include because they weren’t taken aerially like the rest. Then others went on to mock how stupid the “project” was, blamed Instagram for what it has done to this generation, and suggested someone to take pictures of their poop for a year and make a collage. They also implied that I tried to copy Stephen Shore (who I had to google, HA).

Not that I need to defend myself against these comment-ers, or explain why I did this project, but I’ll do it anyway for the sake of those few who follow me or care to just know. Well for one, I wasn’t trying to imitate Stephen Shore (who I didn’t even know before today!),  known for his photography on seemingly “mundane” things/places. I wasn’t even trying  to take “artistic” shots of my breakfast. It was just something fun for me to do everyday*, and a way for me to jog my memory. Most people I know don’t eat breakfast, or skip out on it because they don’t have time. But for me, breakfast is the most important meal, and not just because the doctor (or other “experts”) say so. I often go to bed thinking about what I’m going to eat the next morning. I could care less about other meals. I’m not about extravagant food. I just need to eat something good after “fasting.” When I look back at some of the breakfast pictures, I can remember exactly what happened on that particular day — not because anything especially awesome or significant happened that day, but because I woke up and did something purposeful with something that most people don’t even give a second thought to. So in a way breakfast was my journal for the year. I also keep a notebook, but I find often find myself too lazy and overwhelmed to write things down, so snapping a picture is my quick all-encompassing fix.

The Instagram-blaming comment is funny because, (even though I do have an Instagram), I didn’t use it much until the last couple months of the year. The pictures on my collage are only square because of a template I used. I didn’t know how else to to compile all my pictures into one without it looking like a mess.

Well, that was my “15 minutes of fame.” You don’t get “famous” without some haters.  Hehheh. 😛

In other news, I’ve been reading Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes, as recommended by my cousin Betty. Couldn’t have picked a better book to start off the year and get me inspired. I’ll write a little something about it when I finish the book.


*It was actually pretty challenging (not all that fun) to keep up taking a picture of breakfast everyday… having to hold back on chowing down, trying to find my camera every morning, and of course getting weird glances from people when eating in public.


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