This is the culmination of my year-long “project.” This is everything I ate for breakfast in 2012 (350 days of breakfast…the 6 days missing are the days I either didn’t get to eat breakfast, or forgot to take a picture). I ate a lot of oatmeal and cereal and bananas and bagels and “jook” (congee) this year. Some mornings, breakfast was “lavish,” while other mornings were smaller and plainer because I had to rush out the door. I love breakfast and I try to never miss it. It can really make or break my day.

Since it’s the last day of 2012, I figured I should do some kind of reflection post.

It’s kind of crazy how incredibly long this year felt, yet at the same time, it feels like it sped right past me. If there’s anything I learned this year, it’s how much can happen or change in a very short amount of time… circumstances, relationships, locations, my mind…

Here are some things that happened this year (more for my benefit and memory rather than a report for my readers).

January: I rung in the new year at a church retreat. I “learned” and forgot how to knit. Snowboarding. Wedding dress browsing (with friend who is now married, not for me). Visited Boston.

February: BABIES. Fell in love with basketball (via Jeremy Lin). Visited friends in Kansas City.

March: I don’t really remember much of what happened this month. It was just very long and I was just looking forward to spring break.

April: Also don’t remember much of what happened this month. Visited Boston, and this was when the last video that febieandmokipie was recorded. Visited Binghamton. Visited Syracuse. “Call Me, Maybe” takes over.

May: Finally got the sidecut hairstyle that I’ve been wanting for a loooong time (much to the disappointment of my parents and grandparents). I’ve gotten mostly compliments from others, and I still like it, so I’ll probably be keeping it for a while. Began leading children’s fellowship time – CRAZINESS. Made a customized lei for my sister’s graduation. Graduation parties. Tricked my “best friend” into going to see “graffiti” in LIC – FUNNIEST DAY EVER. Jones Beach for Memorial Day.

June: Moved back home with my parents. Went to Seattle for cousin’s wedding. Family vacation. Also visited Vancouver. Beginning of many changes at church. Not sure when I started becoming obsessed with One Direction, but I’ll just insert it into this month.

July: Started summer 2 classes. Brother moves to LA. High school friend’s wedding. Summer Olympics. Threw a bridal shower. Obama came to the NoMad hotel and it gridlock everywhere. Finally upgraded to a smartphone.

August: College send-off carnival party. Hanna leaves to study abroad in Spain. Kellie moves to LA for grad school. Was a bridesmaid for the first time. Revealed a long-kept secret.

September: Visited Boston again. Went hiking a lot due to the all the Jewish holidays. Changed my mind about someone.

October: Birthday hike. Cousin’s wedding in MA. Serious thoughts about giving up on school again. Dusty passes away. I become an aunt. Hurricane Sandy.

November: Played catch-up in school. Voted. Obama re-elected. Herman comes back. Lots of group projects and the beginning of Sunday make-up classes. Oreo passes away. The family is together for Thanksgiving.

December: Hanna returns. Went to my first Knicks/basketball game in MSG. Newtown school shooting – heavy hearts. Did something brave. Saw Lincoln with my mom on Christmas day. Plans fell through for a return-road trip to Savannah. New Year item sales seem less crazy than in previous years. Tried to make plans for New Year’s Eve, then decided I just want to bum at home with my parents.

2013, I’ve been waiting for you. Let’s go.


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