Annoying Guy Habits

So I’ve been living with my brothers for almost a year now. From past experiences living with girlfriends, and my sister, I know I can be an unpleasant roommate/housemate sometimes because I’m a very particular person. Living with my brothers was/is no exception, and it was frustrating and challenging at times to say the least. Now I’m not saying that all guys are like this, but as the only girl living with three guys, these are some annoying housekeeping habits that guys commit (in no particular order of importance or annoyance):
  1. Leaving the toilet seat up – I guess this is not that bad considering I am in the gender minority.
  2. Leaving cabinets opened – What is the point of cabinets? When they go looking for stuff (food, cups, dishes, bowls, etc), they leave all the cabinets opened. Looks like someone left a mess after robbing us.
  3. Letting the dishes pile up – Usually means I end up washing them just so I can have room to wash my own dishes, or so I can have dishes to eat on.
  4. Not putting dishes in the sink – Related to the above, sometimes means unfinished cups of coffee on the counter, or dirty plates left to attract bugs and rodents.
  5. Using the dryer as their personal laundry hamper – Instead of folding laundry and putting it away in their dresser/closet, they just leave clothes in the dryer after drying and reach in to get whatever clean clothing they need the next day.
  6. Drinking directly from the carton, jug, brita filter, etc. – Yeah, one less cup to wash, but c’mon! you lazy bum!
  7. Not throwing empty/expired things away – Lots of moldy/rotting experiments in the fridge. Also includes packaging, boxes, empty tubes of toothpaste, etc.
  8. Oil splatter/spills on the  all over the stove – Also applies to food explosions in the microwave

Those are the main ones I can think of right now. Thoughts? Comments? True? False? Others to add to the list? Annoying girl habits?


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