A Flexible Decision

Don’t Go Back to School (Click to view video. I don’t know why I can’t embed it)

While I was in culinary school, my view on the value of a bachelor’s degree went through some transformations. At first, I didn’t really care to earn one, and I hated the fact that so much was dependent on a sheet of paper. Although it doesn’t hurt to have a degree, there are plenty of people who have dropped out of school, or have never gone, that have become quite successful. All you need is some luck to get your foot in the door some times. That, or to be crazy-determined and hard-working to achieve your goals. I’m not saying either of these are fail-proof, or that people who have gone to school and earned their degrees wasted their time and money, but that emphasis shouldn’t be placed more on one than the other.

So after I graduated from culinary school, I decided to go back to university – back to one of the things I hated most, and which had caused me so much grief in prior years. All along I have felt disappointed at myself for spending so much time/money (they’re synonymous, are they not?) in school, but coming out “empty-handed.” I was afraid of hearing I-told-you-so’s for not sticking it out and finishing my degree before pursuing other interests, but I heard none, and if I did, I had already beaten myself numb with the phrase to have it even faze me.

The last time I posted here, I shared a bit about what going back to school was like. I was pretty optimistic life, and my classes, for the most part, have remained enjoyable. As this semester comes to a close though, I wonder if the decision I made was more to further my future career, or if I am just avoiding “real life.” Not that being a student is necessarily fake life (though it is easy to be stuck in this “bubble”), but that after all I’ve been through, I actually haven’t grown up at all.

If you’ve talked me over these past four months, I’m sure you’ve heard me complain more than once about the inadequacy of my school’s administration. Their lack of organization and care for students really made me consider dropping it all; why would I want to continue in a business school that doesn’t not demonstrate any professionalism?

Alas, I made a decision to stay. However, I also believe that the best decisions are ones that can be easily changed. So even though I’ve said I’m going to tough it out this time, I’m still giving myself the option to change my mind. It’s a question I wrestle with every day. It’s especially difficult when there are so many full-time job opportunities tempting me. Sure, I could work and do school simultaneously, but I’m not one of those amazing people. I know my limits, and I know if I do both, one of them will suffer tremendously, or I will only be mediocre in both. I don’t want to aim for mediocrity.

So where does this leave me? I’m already registered for classes for next semester. If I drop-out again, there’s no guarantee that I’ll get a job in my field of interest with my minimal experience. If I stay in school, there’s no guarantee that I’ll get a job either. But rest assured that I will never join the Occupy Movement. Haha.

If I don’t finish school now, will I regret it for the rest of my life? (Feel free to give your two cents, but this is more rhetorical question for myself).


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