Fresh Fall

Happy First Day of Autumn!

So I’m back in school to finish my bachelor’s, this time in business management. The beginning of the school year felt a bit weird. This is the first time in five years that I’m not the one leaving home, so it’s been interesting to see the large void that college kids leave when they all go to college. I mean, I don’t think it was that bad when I first left for college, because only 2 people from my class of 4 went away, but add the current class of seniors with the classes after them and that’s at least 12. For a church community as small as mine, that’s a significant difference, maybe a third? So that’s what it’s like for a majority of the year…

I’m really enjoying my classes so far, except for maybe my writing class because my professor is like Umbridge. I’m taking Intro to Business, Microeconomics, and Psychology. Hasn’t been too difficult so far, but enough to keep me busy. I’m not sure whether it’s because it’s a CUNY school, or because after all my other schooling, I’ve become a better student. I’d like to believe it’s the latter. However, I think I’ve gotten spoiled by other schools’ administration. I know it’s the student’s responsibility to make sure all their papers, credits, etc. and stuff are in line, but man, I’ve never been so annoyed with administration before now. Everything is last minute. It’s like teaching a goldfish some tricks. They can’t do anything unless you’re physically there probing them; you walk away and they go back to their own mundanity. Taking what I’ve learned from economics, they are not running efficiently. Am I being too harsh?

In other news about school, I haven’t gotten involved with any clubs. Since majority of the school are commuters (limited dorms) it’s been hard to find a reason to stay on campus since I live so close already. It reminds me of being at LaGuardia; it’s so huge it’s easy to be anonymous. By the way, I had no idea the school had such a huge Asian population, and mostly AZNs, unfortunately. Okay, don’t laugh at me, but I sort of wanted to try out for cheerleading. Too bad they require experience.

Well, October is coming up soon. It’s going to be a crazy month: Two consecutive weekend weddings, midterms, graduation, and a whole lot of birthdays. Bring it on!


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