Is this real life?

Alright. This is long overdue. I totally bailed on writing about vegan and raw diets. I’m not going to write about it now, and I probably won’t later, but just a few quick thoughts:

  1. There are a good number of tasty alternatives to animal products that I was not aware of before.
  2. I can understand the ethical and health benefits of animal-free foods, but I hate when people get all pretentious about their diets.
  3. Raw food is pretty good, but requires some pretty pricey tools/equipment sometimes…
  4. I think I could go vegetarian, vegan would be more challenging, but a strict raw diet sounds horrible. No warm/hot foods!

So I am now in my last block of classes before I head out for my externship. This means I am in the restaurant now. I can hardly believe it. It’s been less than a year, and it seemed like forever, yet here I am. It really flew by. My last 6 weeks at school is split into two parts. The first 3 weeks I am working Front-of-House, and the remaining 3 will be Back-of-House. Today I was assigned to be a “floater.” I did a little bit of everything for FOH. Man, let me tell you, being a waitress is a lot harder than I thought it’d be. I really only waited one table, and even then it was hard for me to keep track of things and pay attention to the customer without being overbearing. We had few rude customers that didn’t care that it was all our first day on the job, but most of them were patient and understanding. I was really anxious about going down to the restaurant before because I felt so unprepared to actually start serving the public (there’s a lot more at risk than if you’re serving yourself or the instructor), but the chefs are really good about guiding clueless people like me and saying it’s okay because it is an educational experience; you’re not expected to know everything (which I was also nervous about because of classmates who have been in the food industry forever, and I feel like my questions have common sense answers, and I’m always afraid to ask). I just got to keep in mind that it’s only the beginning and not give up. I”ll get the hang of it soon enough. Need to not get defeated so easily.

With Valentine’s Day just yesterday, I won’t deny that I had someone special on my mind. Unfortunately, I missed an opportunity, and now he’s lost forever. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I do. It’s happening to me right now and making me sad. Although I know it’s true, I hate the saying “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Well right now, there’s only one that matters! It’s like Marlin trying to find Nemo.

By the way, if anyone wants a great lunch deal, Technique (LCB school restaurant) has a 3-course meal for $10. (Dinner 3-course $12 and 5-course $15). Come see me in action at lunch time! (11:30am-1pm)


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