October… you know what that means… right? :D

I started a new block of classes (actually just one class) this week. It’s “Cuisines Across Cultures” or “International Cuisine.” My chef instructor is a woman, which is pretty cool, since all my past instructors have been male so far. I like her teaching style and am really glad that she’s pretty strict about sanitation – I had a lot of issues with this kid in my last class who has NO SENSE OF HYGIENE and is CONSTANTLY picking his nose, picking at scabs, dabbing his scabs with saliva, leaving pencil shavings everywhere, has stringy hair hanging out of his cap, doesn’t know how to wear his uniform properly, farting silently and out loud, picking his butt…SERIOUSLY. SO. GROSS. Today, in the middle of her lecture, chef told him to go wash his hands and as I watched him 1) he didn’t use soap 2) he blew his nose after washing his hands 3) he proceeded to use the same towel that he blew his nose into to dry his hands. I think this kid is in culinary school because of his dad, and the only reason why the school keeps him is for his money, because he FOR REAL can’t do anything properly.

Alright, well enough about that.

I started a new part-time job a little less than a month ago in the bake shop of a very prestigious graduate school in Boston (which shall remain nameless, but go ahead and guess which). One of my chefs at school connected me with his chef friend at that school and things have been going great. There’s only so much that you can learn in a class room; the real learning comes by hands-on experience. At LCB, they teach us techniques and the reasoning behind why things are done the way they are. At work, I’m getting to see and help with mass production of food. We make all the pastries and desserts for the school and also do catering for Google (pretty cool, eh?). My chef told me that what goes on in the kitchen there is similar to how hotel food hospitality runs. I don’t think that’s the direction I want to go after I graduate, but I’m keeping my options open. Last night at work I got to help out with a dinner plate-up because the savory part of the kitchen was short on staff. It was basically like an assembly line of people making identical plates, making sure that they’re all neat, and then a whole line of wait staff come and pick up the plates to be served immediately. It was a little stressful but mostly exciting to be part of that.

Working again this Saturday, but not next Saturday! Going to go hiking. So excited! I need a change of scenery.


One thought on “October… you know what that means… right? :D

  1. about the kid who doesn’t have a good sense of hygiene..its really scary to know that there are chefs out there who prob do that..and still serve us food…comforting to say the least

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