Wake me up when September is over. Just kidding. I don’t want to sleep that long.

Wow. Almost October.

I hate that I haven’t been able to blog for such a long time. So many things I wish I could have shared, yet I know a lot of it would be vague and ambiguous, and I wouldn’t actually be sharing anything at all.

I’m so glad my baking class is over. I learned a good amount but I was just fed up with that particular class. I still love to bake.

Sometimes I’m scared that I’ve become a slave to school and work. I didn’t use to be this way. Family and friends always came first. Is this just a temporary sacrifice, or did I make a wrong turn somewhere down the road?

Today’s sermon I think is a clear indication that I’m going to move back to New York after I’m done with culinary here. I don’t plan on working in Boston once I graduate. (Watch. Now just because I said that, I’m going to end up staying here longer). Sometimes it seems like God is showing me the longest route home. It’s doesn’t quite make sense, but it’s necessary.

In a short span of time, my heart has been elated, completely crushed, and now recovering. PEOPLE, LISTEN TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS WHEN THEY TELL YOU SOMEONE IS WRONG FOR YOU. They can see through things that you have been charmed and enchanted by.

I have been craving sushi for the past week. I really want a dragon roll. I know why sushi is so expensive, but WHY does it have to be?!


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