Mid July – Mid August

Hi hi. It’s been a while.

I just finished my third block of classes yesterday. The focus was on meat; there was beef week, pork week, poultry week, lamb/veal week, and seafood week. I’m not a vegetarian, but I don’t think I’ve eaten that much meat in such a short period of time. I sort of want to just eat vegetables for the rest of the year, but that’s not going to happen… It’s nice to be done, but also kind of weird because there’s nothing to worry about or do. Sometimes I forget how to relax. New classes start next week and I feel like I need to prepare for it, even though there is nothing I could possibly prep. The weather yesterday and today was super nice, so I did get a chance to do some leisurely biking. Here’s a picture of the Chestnut Hill Reservoir that I stopped by as I was exploring the city.

Resevoir Stitch  

I think my tomato plants are dying. As are the rosemary and parsley that I got a while back. I do not have a green thumb. I did get two little cherry tomatoes though before they started shriveling up. I eated them. They were good.

The past couple weekends have been pretty busy with visitors. A couple friends who are incoming BU students came for orientation during the week and stayed for the weekend before heading back home. A friend came back from a month-long cross-country road trip (SO JEALOUS!) and told me all about his adventures. Another friend was here to help his brother move into a new apartment and we had a little uke jam session. Then two friends from Elementary/Middle school came to visit me. We walked most of Boston, and I learned to never take plumbing for granted. (I could not unclog my toilet for a day and a half, and we had to survive using restaurant and other public bathrooms. It was most uncomfortable.) Right as I was sending my friends back to NY on the buses, my sister and second brother came. I don’t think I will bother deflating the air mattress. Someone is bound to come over and need it. 🙂

I had my first beer yesterday. It was a Sam Adams Light. Kind of boring. Tasted like bitter, less fizzy, apple cider. I don’t get the hype about alcohol. Not my cup of tea. Har har har.

I don’t have many favorite restaurants because I don’t eat out that much, but I think I have one to add to my very short list: Zaftigs. It’s a restaurant/delicatessen in the neighborhood I live in, and I’ve eaten there three times in the past week. Food is delicious, atmosphere is great, and the service is fairly quick and friendly. I really like the shirts they have there too. They all have these clever puns/sayings related to Jewish food. I will buy one one day.

I got a ukulele at the end of July and it has been a lot of fun to play with. I recorded and uploaded a couple of videos of me playing and singing (you can watch them if you know where to look, haha…). Back in the beginning of the year when I took off from school and had a lot of free time, I picked up the guitar and learned a few songs, but it wasn’t really my thing and I found it difficult to play some chords with my small hands. The ukulele is much more manageable, although more limited in the kind of music you can play.

Wow, summer is almost over. This is like the first time that my summer has been completely occupied. No family vacation. Sad. I think I might have sold my life to odd hours. What have I gotten myself into?

I have a lot to say about relationships, but I will save that for a separate entry. Good-bye for now.


2 thoughts on “Mid July – Mid August

  1. Hi – Did you really really just acquire and learn that ukulele in July 2010? I enjoyed the strumming and your terrific singing voice on the YouTube channel!

    Given that I recently started a ukulele program here in Cincinnati, OH, I’m always curious as to what inspires the up & coming generations to pick one up, how they learn, how they connect with others. Seems like a very natural part of your life.

    • Hi. Yes, I did just get my ukulele this July. Thanks for the compliments. I do have a musical background, so picking up the ukulele wasn’t too difficult. I wanted to play the guitar, but found my hand cramping a lot from trying to stretch it to play some chords; the ukulele is much more manageable and portable (though I haven’t really taken it anywhere yet). I like the sound of it and the happy/carefree feeling that I associate with living on a tropical island. I’m discovering its darker, soulful tones, so that’s cool too.

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