One-liners…not really

I started watching Community this past weekend and now I am caught up. What a great show. Culinary school is a bit like Greendale Community College, except everyone is studying pretty much the same thing, and without all the inappropriate school events/staff/faculty. There are a lot of misfits, but there are also a lot of “regular” people who are really passionate about food. Makes for an interesting mix.

So I’ve been at the new apartment for almost two weeks now. It’s pretty sweet. I was a bit paranoid the first few days that someone else had the keys to the apartment, but that was just me being paranoid. It was kind of creepy living in this big space by myself, but now I’m use to it. Bike ride is about a mile more each way to school now, but it’s more direct. There are a good number of hills and my thighs are getting humongous (as if they weren’t before). It’s good exercise.

Tomatoes finally started coming out, but they are still green.

I scored an interview next week at a pretty high-end place. Got recommended by one of my chefs. Sooo excited, but incredibly scared too because I have no idea how to prepare for a job like this. Need to fix up my resume and make a trip to the career services office by the end of this week.

I keep seeing things move from the corner of my eyes. Usually I think they’re bugs, but when I turn to look, there’s nothing there. Believe me, I’m not taking any hallucinatory drugs. Should I be worried about this?


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