“Julie and Julia”

Today was my last day of class. But I will still be going to school tomorrow… (more on this later).

After school and work today I went to hang out with my friend Lucy. She came over for dinner yesterday and we were going to watch Julie and Julia, but I decided it would be wiser if I studied for my final instead. So the movie viewing was postponed to today. Everyone that has seen it tells me that I should watch it, and I guess I should since it’s about cooking and Julia Child graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. I very much enjoyed the movie. It was funny and inspiring, and I felt cool knowing most of those cooking terms, techniques and tidbits (if only in theory for some, heh). But I think the thing that I really loved about the movie was the marriages of Julie and Julia to their respective husbands. They were so in love and their husbands were so supportive. Gosh, I hope I find a man like that one day.

Julia Child has never been an idol of mine, but I feel like I should go take a look at her book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I want to start building a culinary library.

So I wasn’t planning on going to school tomorrow since there is no class, but I feel a little obligated to finish a cake icing project I started. Icing a cake to perfection is tough, not to mention the piping decoration that is suppose to follow.

Next few days are going to be quite busy. Got to prep stuff for a picnic on Friday and among other baking projects, and pack up the rest of my stuff in the apartment so it’s ready for moving come July.

Dang, I’m tired. Good night!

P.S. Put frozen fruit in your gingerale. Yum!


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