FAIL! and WIN!

Wow, a lot of people read the post about my dad. Most of the stuff I wrote about  were childhood memories, but I have plenty of wonderful memories in recent years too. Another thing that I meant to include (but forgot) that I’ve learned from my dad are “road rules.” He was a trucker for several years before he gave that up to spend more time at home with the family. Before we went on our road trip at the end of last year, my dad sat me, my sister, and friends down and gave us some extensive knowledge about road safety and highways. If I had been a little younger, I think I might have mentally rolled my eyes at the spiel I was about the hear, but it really was good stuff to know. He can be a little over careful or paranoid about some things, but it’s better to be safe that sorry. And well, in case of a future emergency, I’ll be prepared. Can you tell how much I love my dad? Heehee, Okay, I’ll stop bragging about him.

Alrighty! On Saturday I attempted to make fresh fettuccine and tomato sauce, a practice round for my test that was today. The fresh pasta was a complete disaster. It was too gooey and stuck to the counter when I rolled it out and rolled it again to cut it. All of that went in the garbage. There was no way to save it. My tomato sauce on the other hand came out really well. Too bad I didn’t have any pasta to eat it with. I was also suppose to put it through a food mill so that it would come out really smooth, but I don’t have one of those, so I just left it chunky and used it as “salsa” for chips. Yeah, sorry, no pictures of this because I was so disappointed about my pasta that I forgot.

Sunday. This is the more “complicated” dish we have to make. Final product needs a little tweaking, but overall I was pretty satisfied with how it turned out. Invited some friends over to help me eat it. This was the first time I’ve ever bought fish. NO IDEA fish was sooooo expensive. Here are a couple pictures:


Basmati pilaf with onions and carrots, sauteed broccoli in butter and garlic, pan-fried salmon with a citrus hollandaise sauce.


Matt and Mallory, pretending to pray before actually praying.

Oh, I also clarified butter for the first time to make the hollandaise sauce. Got a little burnt on the bottom but I filtered most of those bits out. This is melted butter minus milk fats and water:


Delicious, yah?


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