Practice…hopefully makes perfect

Good Morning!

I’m going to make it a goal to blog at least every other day. Too many interesting thoughts fade when I don’t write them down. Sure, they come back to me every once in a while, but it’ll be good to keep track. And if they don’t entertain you, then it’s just for my sake to keep history of my daily life.

Anyway, it’s going to be a busy day/weekend. I’m going to go out and buy ingredients soon to practice for my two practicals in school next week. I’m kind of nervous to be honest. I always forget one little thing, and it’s my classmates who always catch me and save me. But there’s no talking/helping during the practical, so I really have to be focused. Here’s what I have to make:

  • Monday – Fresh fettuccine pasta with tomato sauce
  • Tuesday – Pan-fried salmon with citrus hollandaise sauce, broccoli in butter and garlic, and some sort of pilaf.

They must be completed and presented within two hours. The pressure is on. Yikes! Bikes!

That reminds me, there is a 17-mile bike-a-thon going on today to raise money for a sustainable Chinatown and other education initiatives. I wish I was going, but I didn’t sign up on time. Well, I guess it works out since I really got to study and practice this weekend.

I’ll try to remember to take pictures of my food for you. Bye!


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