Blah blah I don’t know what to title this

It just occurred to me today that I haven’t done my month recaps in a while. Well, whatever, not like that many people read this or find my life excruciatingly exciting.

But just in case you are curious about what I’ve been up to…you’re going to be disappointed…it’s mostly just school. School has been really great. Learning a lot. Tiring, but a satisfying kind of tired. My classmates/friends are crazy and I love it. My mom calls me every once in a while to ask me how I am and if I’m enjoying what I’m doing, and I can honestly tell her that I am happy. I joined the baking club at school (because that’s really what I want to do – bread, pastries, desserts, etc.), and it’s been a lot of fun. We make stuff for the Farmers’ Market, and I’ve been learning a lot from the chef who runs the club (who happens to be Chinese, or Taiwanese if you want to get really technical) and the other students in the club who are ahead of me. The chef has a reputation in the school for being a stickler, but I find him quite pleasant and really enjoyable to work with. People in my class are “afraid” of going to his class, but there’s really nothing to worry about; just do what you’re suppose to do and you’ll be fine. Some people just have really bad attitudes/no respect. When I tell them that the chef is really cool and funny, they just think it’s because we’re both Chinese so there’s an automatic connection, which is probably partially true, but that would be ridiculous if that was the main reason.

Some other thoughts about school:

  1. Some days are good and some are bad. I’ve been really challenged with time-management and multi-tasking. You got to be quick in the kitchen and keep good physical and mental mise en place.
  2. Being female is both an advantage and disadvantage. I’m sure it’ll differ from class to class, but I can tell you for sure that my current chefs favor women. I feel they are more gentle with criticism about the plates I produce, but it really is unnecessary. One of them always asks me if I’m doing all right after he “yells” at the class, but really it’s nothing to me. Also, guys are always offering to wash dishes for me. That’s really nice, but I need to wash my own dishes just like everyone else. I don’t want/need special treatment.
  3. They say cooking is an art and baking is a science. Although both require some creativity, I guess I’m more “concrete”-minded than I thought. Following baking instructions is so much easier than cooking instruction for me. I don’t let it get to me too much (because you just got to take it and run with it sometimes), but cooking has really been testing my confidence. I’m usually a pretty good judge and know where I went wrong in a procedure, but it still sucks when everyone else around is going at a faster pace and get it right the first time.
  4. School teaches me a lot but I need to get out there and get experience working in a restaurant.
  5. There are a lot of smokers in the food industry. I guess because it’s pretty high stress. Smoking obviously affects your taste buds, especially when it comes to salt. One of my chefs is a pretty heavy smoker and he always tells me I need more salt. The other chef is not, but he tells me the same thing. Either my taste buds are really sensitive, or I just like bland food.
  6. Even though the school library is minuscule, there’s so much wonderful info to soak up there. It’s really feeding (haha) my interest in food and also my hunger (haha again) to travel and explore the different cuisines of the world.

Oh hey, I’ve been biking a lot ever since I brought a bike up after Memorial Day. I’m kind of addicted. I ride it to school and to work and to the supermarket and just for fun sometimes. I ride a minimum of 6 miles everyday, which really isn’t that much on a bike, but there are some killer hills I have to get by. I use to be a adamant foot traveler because I didn’t feel safe riding with traffic, and walking is quite enjoyable, but sometimes it’s hard to go back once you’re in the fast lane. My brother use to complain about me wanting to walk everywhere when it’s so much quicker to ride a bike, and now I understand. I’ll even ride my bike to the corner store because I’m too “lazy” to walk now. The only annoying thing is having to worry about bike thieves, although bike stealing in Boston doesn’t seem as notorious as in New York.

Miscellaneous things:

  • I am moving soon. 😀
  • I am working on a fiction piece. It sucks. You may never get to read it.
  • Tomorrow is going to be 88 degrees. YESSSSSSSSS.
  • I really want to reconnect with old friends, but I’m worried that they’ll think I’m too “out of the blue” and trying too hard to rekindle “friendships” that should just be left the way they are. Should I risk the rejection?
  • I hate personality analyzation, but does being more introverted make me more self-centered? Am I being self-centered by asking this question?

2 thoughts on “Blah blah I don’t know what to title this

  1. out of the blue hangouts are great 🙂 worth the risk.
    i find your life (or thoughts on life) excruciatingly exciting. please write more often.

  2. On the last two bullets, I agree that you can’t go wrong trying to reconnect with old friends. Don’t reject yourself before you’ve even given them a chance.

    Being introverted does not make a person self-centered and I honestly think that knowing yourself is the best thing for everyone around you, so it is in no way selfish. I’m very big on knowing yourself and putting yourself in situations that test your definition of yourself. I think that’s probably exactly what you’re doing with yourself career-wise which I totally respect, for whatever that’s worth.

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