First week of LCB

Hello. I should be doing homework now/studying, but I want to do a quick update about my first week of culinary school.

It was AWESOME. I like it A LOT. We did a lot of intro stuff like how to wear your uniform correctly, expectations of the instructors and chefs, different resources available, what to bring, etc.  I’m taking Foundations 1, Food and Sanitation, and Public Speaking. Some things I’ve learned so far:

  • history of food industry
  • hierarchy of kitchen brigade
  • a few different knife cuts (practice cutting potatoes…it’s a lot harder than it looks!)
  • menus and recipes
  • a whole bunch of food-borne illnesses and their respective viruses, bacterias, parasites, fungi, and toxins
  • sanitation and prevention measures
  • lots of public speaking techniques (though much of it seems common sense)

We got cake on hump day to celebrate the two-year anniversary of our school branch.

My classes start at 7am and run to 12:45pm. Originally I was suppose to end at 2:30pm, but I got rid of a class because of transfer credits. Anyway, transitioning to this schedule hasn’t been that bad. I’m starting to get the hang of waking  up at 5am, but sometimes I get so anxious about being late that I wake up several times a night.

Some aspects of culinary school are exactly like college, while other aspects are pleasantly new experiences. Demographics are pretty mixed. I’m probably the youngest in the class, but there’s a range of ages and people from all over the place. About 25% female and the rest is male. Which shouldn’t be a surprise really, but then I guess a lot of people associate cooking with housewives/homemakers. Also, I’m starting to not use the title of “chef” as loosely now because a chef is so much more than just a good cook. “Chef” literally means “chief” in French, and you’ve got to know so much stuff about managing, and inventory, and food safety/quality, and etc. It’s pretty nuts.

Let’s go week 2!


One thought on “First week of LCB

  1. its ironic that stay at home moms are seen as cooks but chefs who have status, power, money in the public sphere of life are males. yeah i agree with you that its not a surprise, but at the same time, not cool for females. women can be chefs!

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