Orientation at Le Cordon Bleu

Alright, I’m extremely tired now, but I want to post about this while it’s still sort of fresh in my mind.

Orientation at Le Cordon Bleu was today. It was pretty awesome. I feel so inspired and ready to take on the challenges before me. All the heads of staff introduced themselves and gave little speeches. Here are some key points:

The Three A’s

Attitude. Got to have a good attitude because it’ll affect how you learn. Everyone has crap in their life. Deal with it. Classes will start early and run long. (My personal schedule goes from 7:00am to 2:30pm with 10 minute breaks in between. God help me).

Attendance. If you’re not there, you can’t learn. If you’re not there, no one can help you.

Appearance. They really emphasized professionalism. Be neat and clean. We have to be in uniform (pretty much like the characters in Ratatouille) everyday from the moment we step foot on campus until we leave. Lots of little rules (but common sense) like no jewelry or make-up, hair must be pulled back and under your cap, no facial hair (for guys…mostly), no watches. Wear your uniform proudly!

The Three D’s

Desire. We’re at LCB because we have the desire to be chefs (among other dreams) and admissions reps recognized that.

Determination. To be successful we need to be determined. Don’t just do enough to get by. Take advantage of all that’s offered.

Dedication. Don’t give up. DON’T GIVE UP.

Yeah, well, they said it in prettier words than I did, but those were the main take-aways for me. I’m super excited to start class Monday even though it’s going to be SUPER early. If you believe in God and prayer, then could I ask you to keep me in mind as you pray? Specifically…

  • I’ve pretty much taken it easy for the last 3 months, so this will definitely be a drastic change to my physical being. Pray for strength and energy to make it through the day, especially since MWF I’ll be tutoring 3:30-6pm. Yikes. (Bikes!)
  • I have a tendency to want to be anonymous. Pray that I will get to know the Chefs and school staff. Food industry relies heavily on connections.
  • Pray that I will keep my priorities in check. Life gets busy fast and I sometimes forget what’s important.

Okay I’ll end it soon, but I sort of wish someone came with me to orientation. Not only to help me carry all the HEAVY textbooks and uniforms, etc., but just for support. Most of the other students had their families and friends with them. I was kind of jealous. But whatever. Whoo! I can’t believe I’m doing this! So exciting!



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