March Madness is more than just basketball

March was a pretty crazy month. I gave up on looking for a job and decided to just enjoy the rest of my time off until classes start (which is next Monday by the way!!!). Here’s what went down:

  • I performed in shows 3 weekends in a row: Bahay Kubo (13th), Celebr(asian) (20th), and Relay for Life (27th). Imagine all the dance practices. I love my Barkada so much, words cannot express.
  • I went home for a day and a half, picked up new glasses, hung out with friends.
  • Joyce came to visit us. After a monsoon weekend, that week was BEAUTIFUL. We went running outside, and Joyce got her guitar serviced at Guitar Center. Just chilled.
  • I got really sick. 😦
  • I got a job! Tutoring. I hope the kid isn’t smarter than me, but she probably is. Haha.
  • We had some visitors from the SUNY schools on spring break. A bunch of us were suppose to go to BC to visit people but only two of us ended up going. Had a late night dinner at Victoria’s with friends Jon and Clement. Salty-fried squid. YUM!

Okay, that’s just my recap. I will blog about more important/interesting things later.


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