Art at the MFA

Today turned out quite nice. Too bad the rain is coming back. Those April showers are a little early.

I made a visit to the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) today. I meant to go yesterday but the weather was really crummy and I was lazy and really wanted to read Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud by Jonathan Safran Foer. I finished it today.  I’m not going to talk about it. You can go read it if you want.

Anyway, about the MFA… Although I am an ISFP, deemed the “Artist,” I actually know very little about art. Now “art” encompasses many things, but usually when I talk about art, I am talking about paintings/drawings. So I went to the MFA to look at some art. I don’t even really like museums all that much, except for mammal exhibits, those are always interesting to me, I don’t know why. Maybe I was looking to be “inspired.” I don’t know if I was, but here are some conclusions (more like opinions) I came to about art:

  1. Impressionism makes me feel weird. I can’t decide whether I like it or not. It’s suppose to be an impression, but sometimes it just makes me feel like I have blurry vision or really bad allergies. Nothing is clear. I appreciate some of the bold colors that are used (post-impressionism? I don’t know the difference), but there are times when all the fuzziness just makes me want to barf.
  2. European art from the first half of the last millennium is not appealing to me. It’s very “flat” (two-dimensional), and gives me a “white-supremacy” vibe.
  3. There were a lot of paintings of Jesus’ crucifixion. One painter (whose name I didn’t bother to check) portrayed Jesus kind of buff-ly. It was strange. How come there aren’t more paintings of Jesus’ life? Or maybe there are, but they aren’t on display at the MFA… Also, I saw so many paintings of the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus. They’re not very innovative.
  4. I really love landscape paintings. Sunrises, sunsets, mountains, plains, serene countrysides, forests, animals, EVERYTHING. Hearts for Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Cole! 😛
  5. I am always impressed when people paint the ocean or waves. Texture, light, depth.
  6. I’m not sure if it’s Dutch and Flemish artists, or if it’s just the style that they paint in, but I really like art from the Netherlands. I think it has to do with how real they look, or maybe the domesticated feel of home.
  7. I’m not a fan of nude paintings. I’m not embarrassed to look at them, but they don’t really make sense to me. Unless it’s Greek/Roman mythology where there are nymphs in the woods, then people should have clothes on. I don’t know.
  8. I like still life. I think. There was a special exhibit showcasing Luis Melendez, Master of Spanish Still Life (though he was good at many other kinds of art). This was the last exhibit I went to because everything had fruits, veggies, bread, cheese, meat, wine, or chocolate, and it made me REALLY hungry, so I had to go eat lunch.

Is this painting crazy or what?

“Picture Gallery with Views of Modern Rome” by Giovanni Paolo Pannini

Yep. That was my trip to the MFA. The end.


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