I’m a Martial Arts Master…in my dreams

I had some really intense dreams last night. At least 5 or 6 that I can remember, but they are starting to fade away and I can only remember the general vibe they gave me now. I woke myself up twice last night because I was kicking (or trying to kick) someone really hard and was basically dropkicking my bed. Yeah, but I’m really good at lucid dreaming so I went right back to the action in the dream. 

Ususally when I have really intense dreams, I’m on some sort of quest to protect or hide something from the “bad guys.” Also, guys in my dreams never hesitate hitting a girl. I wish I could fight as awesome in real life as I do in my dreams, but real life never offers me those opportunities, and I’m sort of glad it doesn’t. Though, I really want to experience that satisfying feeling of punching someone who really deserves it…


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