New York. Relay for Life. School.

I’m feeling a bit woozy today. Got back last night from 27-hour adventure in New York. I stayed at my brothers’ apartment, which is like a zoo with 3 dogs and 2 cats. I am allergic to both and I think the allergens are still in my system, hence the wooziness. I will have to figure out a way to deal with my allergies, because I definitely want to always have pets.

So, I went to NYC for a day. Finally picked up my new pair of glasses. They’re only slightly stronger because of my astigmastism, but I still had to adjust to that floating feeling. Here’s what went down:

Lunch with Norman and Mallory at St. Mark’s


Visit Simon at Waterworks. “They make spaceships out of this.”


Met up with Sarah and chilled in Central Park for a bit.


Dinner picnic with Peony, Wendy, Tinx and Chris in Stuy/Rockerfeller Park (not Battery Park). Frolicking. Dessert at Ferrara’s (the tiny one) in Little Italy.

IMG_8179 IMG_8181

IMG_8200 IMG_8226

I walked around A LOT in my last few hours in New York. I’m too cheap to pay for a subway fare ($2.25!!), and I had a lot of time to kill, so I walked to Chinatown (to get my glasses adjusted) and back up to Herald Square area, and some more before boarding BoltBus back to Boston. I passed by Union Square as usual and the farmer’s market was opened. I really like farmer’s markets. They are a bit expensive sometimes, but I am all for supporting locals. I got a pumpkin gingerbread. It was just right. Not too sugary. Oh man, it made me want to bake soooo bad. ‘sigh’ Only a few more weeks until Easter/End-of-Lent. I’m going to throw a party when that day comes. 🙂

Oh hey! Since you’re reading this right now, would you like to sponsor me for Relay for Life? If you don’t know what it is, it’s an event hosted by the American Cancer Society nationwide that raises awareness and funds to fight all kinds of cancer. I went to one a couple years ago at Harvard, but this year, Northeastern is hosting its first campus-wide Relay For Life. It’s an all-night lock-in and you run/walk around a track to “fight cancer.” There’s lots of informational stuff about cancer, and fun activities throughout the night to keep us going. There’s also a “memorial lap” and a “survivor’s lap” to show how cancer affects/impacts almost everyone. I have uncles on both sides of my family that have passed away from cancer. I wasn’t incredibly close to them (and I don’t remember meeting one of them), but this is a cause that I do feel strongly about. Anyway, my goal is $150 (very doable) and right now I’m at $40, so if you would like to support, click here and donate! Thanks!

In a little less than I month, I “return” to classes. I put that in quotations because I am going back to class, but not the same kind, and at a different school. I am just enjoying the rest of my time off until then. Though, it does get kind of annoying when I talk to people about what I’ve been up to and they look at me condescendingly, like I have been a waste of life and productivity for the past 2 1/2 months. Whatever. There are times when I wonder whether I jumped into this too quickly and didn’t take that risk of waiting it out to hear back about carpentry. Maybe it’s just my nature; I really need to do something, to create. It’s kind of funny how everyone wants to be your best friend once you let it out that you’re going to culinary. I hope I’m good at it, or else it would be a shame.

Cloudy day today. I knew the good weather couldn’t last forever.


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