The Short Month Recap

This month went by pretty quickly. Well duh, it’s 2-3 days shorter than the others. Let’s see, what was I up to…

I was offered the opportunity to substitute teach, but I ended up not doing it because of all the paper work and change of plans…more on this later.*

The Renovate series started at High Rock and I eagerly jumped on the daily devotions that corresponded to the message of the week. So far we’ve been through 1. Seeing the Possibility (Dream), 2. Seeing the Reality, 3. Making Space, 4. Assessing What’s Broken, and this week we look to 5. Fixing What’s Broken. The first week, I faithfully went through the devotions, but it was really hard to see the possibilities that God had in store for my life. I just kept thinking about where I was at the present time and how I seemed to have failed at so much. The second week was easy. Seeing the "mess of me." I went home the weekend of the third week and that’s when I started getting "too busy" for God and faltering in spending time in the Word. I did the exact opposite of make space, but I did take some time to read through the last few chapters of Job (when God answers Job after all his loss and suffering) as we were suppose to and I remember feeling very small and humbled. It made me think of the Nichole Nordeman song "Tremble." Sometimes I forget that God is omnipotent, that he is in control of everything, and that all that he does is good, even when I can’t see or understand why things happen the way they do. Midweek this past week, I went home for a couple of days to pick up new glasses (which weren’t ready), celebrate my brother’s birthday, and see my parents before they left for a far-off land. It was another tough week to follow. I skimmed through the devotionals and only half-heartedly tried to listen to Wisdom. It was all about confession of sin, using David’s Psalm 51 as a guide. It was slippery slope as I tried to rationalize my "goodness," but in the end I really had to acknowledge the rotten-ness that was so apparent in my soul. I keep coming back to this, but there are a lot of relationships that need fixing and they’re not going to get resolved if I don’t allow for it to become a two-way street. It’s kind of funny how things fall together; with confession there is forgiveness. Twice this weekend, I was pointed to the passage in Luke 7:36-50 of Jesus being anointed by a sinful woman, as I also took to memorizing Psalm 51:1-12. The main take away from these two passages was that I didn’t have to be stuck wallowing in self-disgust, but that I can move forward to healing/reconciliation. What a perfect transition…

The Season of Lent began this month. I’ve never actually practiced Lent, but I thought I’d give it a try this year. I decided to give up baking. This comes to as a blow to the various people that eat the stuff I bake, but I think it was a smart move. I, for one, am saving money by not constantly buying ingredients. Also, I am helping by “lowering” the sugar and fat intake of friends, family and myself. Baking is not just fun, but very therapeutic for me. Another reason I gave it up is that a good portion of my identity is found in baking. *I started my application and am extremely likely to be starting classes at Le Cordon Bleu soon, so I thought it’d be a good idea to take some time to realign who I really am, before I take that plunge and have the food industry all up in my grill (har har har, get it?). I want to know that I am much more than what I do.

I went to my first formal ever this month (I don’t count Sweet Sixteens and Weddings). You can see my pictures (I didn’t take that many) on facebook in the ISSI Carnevale Masquerade Ball album. Too lazy to post them here. It was about as much as I expected. It was free so I can’t really complain that there wasn’t a real meal or whatever. Plus, I had good company. 🙂

Since this is a short month, I’ll try to keep this short. I already did a pretty detailed post on Chinese New Year/Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend and the week that followed, so yeah. MARCH ON!


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