Travel Anxiety

My parents are leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow for almost a month.
I probably won’t see them for a while anyway, since I’ll be in Boston, but I can’t help feeling a little anxious about them going. They’ll be even farther away with a 12-hour time difference.
It’s snowing/raining tomorrow.
My mom doesn’t have a good feeling about going, and she rarely gets nervous about traveling/flying.
My dad is doing all right now, but is at risk for a lot of health problems. Hopefully the air there won’t be too harsh.  
I don’t know why I keep thinking about this, but I have this really big fear that their plane will be in an accident and they won’t make it. I really don’t know what I would do without my parents. I’m still so dependent on them. I feel so ill-equipped for this world.
Ahhh, but I shouldn’t worry about that. I’ve got to trust that God has them in his hands and will take them safely to where they need to go. And if worst comes to worst, I’ve got to trust that he’ll take care of me too.


One thought on “Travel Anxiety

  1. duude i always feel like that when my parents travel. and my parents are going to hong kong soon also. SO JEALOUS. OH EM GEE.

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