It’s been One Week…

Well hello. It’s been quite a crazy week. Let me catch you up on what’s been going on.

I left for home last Friday for Chinese New Year. Hitched a ride with my cousin Linda. Made it to NY in time for dinner and the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics (but didn’t get to watch it. I heard it wasn’t that good anyway). When I got home, there was, without fail, pineapple! My mom always makes sure there is pineapple when she knows I’m coming home. I am loved! It was a pretty chill night. My dad installed Windows 7 for me. I haven’t upgraded since I got my laptop second semester of Freshman year of college (2007) and I was still working off of Microsoft Office 2003. But I am in the future now! Hurray!

Festivities and preparations for the New Year started Saturday. My grandma was a cooking/baking machine making like a dozen leen-gohs and law-bat-gohs each, and deep-fried wu-tao sticks, and fried-dough-dumplings deep-fried in crushed peanuts. All the things sure to make your face break-out. I took a break from the food prep and went to Chinatown to get a new pair of glasses. When I came back, more cousins had arrived! Here are a few photos.

007 Dr. Lily with the wu-tao sticks

 009 Big-butt Betty frying them

 012 Me crushing peanuts

I was able to take another break and hung out with my friend Sarah. We decided to take a walk down memory lane and visit the neighborhood where our middle school was. Man, Chelsea sure has changed. Well, it’s still very gay, but now it’s also very hipster, not as shabby as it use to be. We went to some of the places we use to go to for lunch such as Paradise Cafe, Stella’s, and Crispy’s, just to see if they were still there. They are. Then we went to Chelsea Market. That place has REALLY upgraded. There’s a wine store  there that was having a free wine tasting. We decided to try some, since we can, hahaha! This guy in a tux was serving sherry from a barrel with this fancy stick thingy (I don’t know what it’s called), but anyway it was gross. It tasted like liquid sharpie. Very dry, sort of burning my throat. I don’t get how drinking is fun.

Not many people know this (actually, I don’t think I’ve told this to anyone before), but it’s because of Sarah that I love baking. I use to be a from-the-box baker, but one time after I brought cookies to school, she told me to try baking from scratch (because it tastes better and all) and from that point on I was hooked. As we were walking around Chelsea Market, we discovered a “Bowery Kitchen”. They sell all kinds of cooking and baking equipment. I don’t know if many of you would appreciate a store like this but we both went kind of crazy. In the future, when we open a bakery/cafe, we’ll keep this place in mind. Watch out for us, we’re going to blow your taste buds!

039  Browsing through stuff

040 Giant pizza board

036 They copied Febie

Back to Chinese New Year. Almost all of my dad’s side of the family were together for dinner on Saturday. We had this new kind of hot pot that was just…BLEH. We ate lots of oranges though to take out that bad taste and counteract all that oily food. Then we had some fried oreos. Go figure. The night ended with lots of Blockus, Bananagrams, Nerts, and Winter Olympics.




Sunday. (This post is getting too long…) Went to bi-leen and collect lai-see. Whoo! This is one reason to stay single longer. Hahahaha. Went to church. Sermon on forgiveness and justice (a difficult teaching). Then everyone was pretty much off to celebrate the new year with their families. Chinatown was soooooo dirty, especially with all the confetti poppers everywhere. Streets blocked off. I was NOT impressed by the lion dances this year. They were so lame. Dinner was with some of my mom’s side of the family. So much food. It never ends!

143 The parents

141 Stitch Some cousins

161 Doesn’t even begin to convey how dirty it was…

Monday I headed back to Boston with my cousin again. But not before we yum cha-ed one more time!  I got back to my apartment in time to unpack before going to a service auction to raise money for KRUP (Katrina Relief Urban Plunge) and a missions trip to the Dominican Republic. I think the goal was about $1,500, but we raise about double that! Here are some pictures of the staff getting creatively pied…

191 Push-up into a pie

197 Sit-up into a pie

202 Just a pie in the face

205 Staff with whipped cream still on their faces

The blizzard from last week finally hit us on Tuesday. Boston Public Schools have winter break, so my nephew Aidan had off and I offered to take him to the Museum of Science. He got bored pretty quickly, and I would have to agree that there’s not much to see there. The coolest thing, or most interesting thing (to us) that they had there was this contraption thingy. We spent a good half hour or so just watching the balls move around this thing and turn the windmills, etc.

230  234

221  220

Oh, this was pretty cool. They had an exhibit of famous artwork that was made up of a bunch of little things like plastic cups, cell phones, garbage, etc.

Aidan also came over to our apartment and baked cookies and appeared in one of our videos!


Wednesday. I had lunch with a friend who wanted to “pay me back” for driving her to New York last spring. She met up with a friend afterward and I walked along since we were going in the same direction. They ended up playing in the snow and putting on a good show for a tour of prospective students. Hehheh.

For dinner, a bunch of gals got together for a casual engagement party celebration for my freshman year roommate. We had waffles, pancakes, and eggs for dinner. It was good! 😛

IMG_7921 Dinner

IMG_7914 The ring!

IMG_7931 Me, Kati, Kathryn (engaged!), Caitlin, Alby, Beth

Today was another outing with my nephew. Took him ice skating at the Frog Pond in Boston Commons. It was my first time there. I don’t think I’ve gone ice skating in years, but it’s like riding a bike, you don’t really forgot how. We skated from 10am until 2pm. I was so exhausted afterward, but it was really fun, and the weather was really nice.


Aidan skating. His pants were so wet from falling, but he got better as time went on


IMG_7985 We went to the playground afterward for a bit. Crazy boy.

Whew! That was a lot! Tomorrow, I go to a masquerade ball. I am super excited. It will be my first formal ever. No, I do not have a date, so you don’t have to ask. I am just going with friends. Bye!


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