Hanging out with Jon Joo

That was the lamest snow storm ever.

Last night I went to a pre-screening of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. It was okay. Movies are never as good as the books. It was well-made but I felt they changed some of the story line and forgot to introduce some crucial characters. But whatever, it was a free so I’m not complaining.

My friend Jon Joo accompanied me to the movie and afterward we ate at this place called “New York Pizza” on Tremont Street near the Boston Common Theater. It wasn’t like any pizza I’ve had in New York, but it was pretty good (crispy crust) and quite large. Or maybe it was late and I was just hungry. We hung out there and talked for a while until a group of people came in and forced us to leave. Then we went to our respective homes.

Jon brought some kimbap to the movie last night but wasn’t able to eat it because you know you’re not allowed to bring outside food. So he hid it somewhere by the escalator.  Of course it was gone by the time we came out. We’re both sort of in the same boat right now, between life plans, so I decided to call him up to get some kimbap today, since he sadly could not eat his yesterday. We went to this little Korean restaurant called “Color” on Harvard Ave. The food was pretty good and the decor was very bright and cheerful. It sort of like a mom-and-pops restaurant. The waitress there is so nice and friendly. We had a sort of pancake, some tuna kimbap, and labokki, plus a bunch of mini side dishes. If I had my camera, I would’ve taken pictures, but I didn’t, so SAD FACE. Next time I go there, I will take some pictures for you. I love Korean Food.

Jon Joo doesn’t ever let me pay for anything, but he said I could buy him a boba drink, so we went to this place (that I don’t know the name of, but is like an internet cafe) a couple doors down from Color and I bought him a green apple boba slush. They have a bunch of brainy games there and we sat and played for a while.

Set. I really like this game. Took us a little bit to warm up our brains though… 😛

Pentago. This is a new game to me, but it’s sort of like tic-tac-toe or Connect Four with rotating pieces. And you have to line up five marbles.

Yep. So those were the eventful parts of the past couple of days. Tonight, I’m going to eat some halo-halo! :d


6 thoughts on “Hanging out with Jon Joo

  1. halo-halo? i think it’s called bbap.bing.soo in korean.. although i could be wrong.. i stay away from communal bbap.bing.soo’s.. it’s a germ bath! haha.. i just ruined it for u didn’t i?

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