Bathroom Dreams

Sometimes I have dreams with a lot of bathrooms/toilets in it. I think this probably happens because I actually have to use the bathroom in real life when I’m sleeping. In my dreams the toilets are always either really disgustingly dirty, broken, or like the hole-in-the-ground ones they have in China, which I still don’t understand how to use without getting my pants wet. (Pants go in front or back? One leg off? Off completely? MAN, guys have it easy!) Anyway, in one part of my dream of my quest to find a usable toilet, I discovered our toilet full of new and half-used rolls of toilet paper and old newspapers/magazines. Also, our toilet was gigantic like a tub so A LOT of rolls, newspapers and magazines fit in there. I found out from a roommate that late that night while the rest of us were asleep, two of our mutual friends came over and had done that prank. It was funny, but I was also sort of pissed (no pun intended, haha) because it was such a waste of toilet paper and I REALLY had to use the bathroom. The end.


2 thoughts on “Bathroom Dreams

  1. You should email Manni about those dreams. ( She interprets. And since I have lots of spiritual dreams, she always tells me that my toilet/bathroom dreams have to do with something needing to be cleansed or something like that. But, what’s happening in the dream is just as important. So, drop her a line! You never know what you’ve been missing on all this time as the Spirit communicates thru your dreams! 😉

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