January Recap

Howdy. It’s February.

So you know how some people send out those end-of-the-year letters recapping their whole year? Well, I sort of want to do that, but for each month. At the end of the year, I can hardly remember what happened, and it all seems like such a long time ago. So by keeping these end-of-the-month recaps, time will be a little more easy to handle.

As I already wrote in my super long-winded entry, the new year started off with a road trip with my sister and friends. We started in St. Louis, MO, went down to Nashville, TN to Marietta, GA to Savannah, GA, and started back up the east coast by Wilmington, NC, to Boyds, MD to Washington D.C. and finally back to New York. My sister and I were home for about 2 and a half days before we boarded a bus back to Boston.

Boston. I finished my application to the North Bennet Street School, visited Le Cordon Bleu, and applied for a handful of jobs. With so much free time I picked up the guitar and started teaching myself with a few pointers from my brother, sister, and friend. When I didn’t have appointments, I spent my days reading (completed Following Jesus Through the Eye of a Needle and currently reading The Monster of Florence), blogging, cleaning the apartment, running errands, buying groceries, baking, etc… It’s been fun but a little unsettling because I know sooner or later it’s all going to end. I have to make decisions and start being a grown-up (if I haven’t already).

My sister was gone this past weekend. I was going to go on a ski/snowboard trip with some friends from Barkada, but decided it might be best to stay put and save some money. Though, I am a little jealous (from pictures) that I missed out, I’m content with my decision to skip the trip this time. Instead I got to hang out with some cousins that I don’t see that often (even when I’m in New York). They were in town for my nephew’s belated birthday party. My cousin Linda and I crashed the laser tag party extremely late, then we headed back to the house to chill. Played many rounds of Bananagrams, Blokus (square and triangle version), and of course, Nerts. Here are a few pictures so this isn’t just all words:

Nieces dressed up as princesses…with guns.

Linda and I. Stop with the duck lips!

Bananagrams. I’m bad with words.

There was so much meat for dinner!

Blokus (Triangular version)

Cousins on Emily’s bed.

Yep. So that was my last weekend of January. I talked to my cousins about my plans and they sort of convinced me to take up the Le Cordon Bleu offer. Not going to make any final decisions now, but after thinking some more about it, they are probably right. I can see myself in the future doing something more in culinary than in carpentry. I still have a strong interest in the latter, but maybe that is only to remain a dream, or potential hobby on the side after I get things on a roll…


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