Seventy-Seven Times!

Yesterday’s sermon was based off of Psalm 32. In short, it was the gospel message. We can rejoice because all our sins, screw-ups, and evil thoughts are not counted against us. Albeit, we must acknowledge them before God, but nothing can stop Him from being crazy about us because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Now some people may not believe that God loves us, or that he even exists, but I’m not going to try to persuade you at this point if that is your issue.

As I thought about how I’ve been forgiven, I was reminded of a story from the New Testament found in Matthew 18:21-35 titled “The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant.” In the parable, a man with a HUGE debt is pardoned by his superior. He then goes out and finds a man who owes him money, grapples him and throws him in jail until he can come up with the money. (I always thought this was counterproductive. How can someone make money in jail?). Anyway, the BIG BOSS who let this guy go heard about how the pardoned man had been merciless to his inferior. Clearly, he did not grasp the gift of grace that was offered to him. If he truly understood the profundity of the cancellation of his debt, he wouldn’t have been so harsh on the other man.

More often than not, I find that I am like this unmerciful servant. Although sometimes I am able to outwardly disguise my loathing of someone, I know that in my heart of hearts I am guilty of keeping a record of wrongs against me. I know I said I was beginning to see people with new eyes, but old habits die hard. I need to learn how to forgive and FORGET. And go beyond just forgiving seventy-seven times. More like infinity and beyond! (Okay, I know, that was really corny).

Really God, your love for us puzzles me.


One thought on “Seventy-Seven Times!

  1. Beautiful. Amen. Lot’s of unmerciful servants around. Think we call them ‘hypocrites?’ 🙂

    God’s love is so much ‘HIGHER’ than man’s love…..they are nothing alike. Trying to descibe the immensity of God’s LOVE would be an entire post…maybe two..three..or four..:smile: And the nature of HIGH Love is that it’s cyclic…it MUST be returned. Love is not love until it’s given away.

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