Not Much Has Changed…

Haha, I decided to look through some of my xanga entries from Freshman year. I can still remember this incident vividly. I would like to think I have gotten smooth-er over the years, but that’s just wishful thinking.

I Am Officially the Biggest Loser in the World

So, it’s Friday night and I’m sitting in my room reading because there is just soooo much reading to do. Assuming that I am the only one left on the floor because it’s Friday night, and that means party time, I leave my door ajar just a slight bit to let the breeze flow better from the window. I’m listening to a recording for my Jazz class and suddenly I hear a knock on the door.

Me: Yes?
(No answer. So I get up to see who it is. Turns out to be two guys)
Guys: Hi, we just wanted to stop by and say hi.
Me: Oh, okay. Hi, I’m Tiffany. (Pause, they introduce themselves (But I already forgot their names! It’s kind of hard to remember when you don’t expect people to just show up) Pause) So, do you guys live on this floor?
Guys: Oh no, we actually live in Melvin but we met all the people over there so we wanted to meet some new people.
Me: Oh, okay. (Long pause)
Guys: Well, we’ll let you get back to sleep.
Me: Oh, actually I was just studying.

Um yeah, I am doomed for life.


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