It was going to happen eventually…

So I couldn’t go to sleep last night because I had too much stuff on my mind. I talked some of it out with a friend over the phone but my mind was still troubled and restless. I didn’t go to sleep until almost 3am…really uncharacteristic of me, but it’s sort of been like this all week. My sleep schedule is whack! It needs to be fixed.

Anyway as a result of not getting enough sleep last night, I was unable to get up at the time I usually do (6:30am) and I totally missed breakfast (well, I still could’ve gotten some, but it was too rushed). Yeah, so today marked the first time I’ve missed breakfast since I got to college ( shocking isn’t it? hahaha). Then as I was getting dressed, I had the sudden urge to poop. I went to the bathroom, sat down and released, ahhh. Then I looked to my left to grab some toilet paper, but THERE WAS NONE! I was so groggy that I didn’t bother to check the stall before I went in. So I’m sitting there, hoping for someone to come in and save me. Someone does! She walks into a stall a few down from mine and does her business. I was going to ask her if she could grab me some toilet paper as soon as she was done, but then I realized she was taking a dump too. So I sat there in silence for a while trying to think of a way to ask without making it totally embarrassing and awkward, but really, there is no way to make it not weird. So finally after about 3 minutes of trying to put my pride aside, I squeak, “Hey, whoever’s in here… (no response for a few seconds, but then a tired “Hey”) …could you grab me a roll of toilet paper after you’re done because there’s none in this stall.” And to my relief she was totally cool about it, but it was still weird because she was also taking a dump and a few stalls over so I had to wait until she was done. Luckily at that moment, someone else walked in, so I got some toilet paper and was saved! When I finally came out of the stall, there were more people brushing their teeth, and it turns out, I wasn’t the only idiot to walk into that stall. Someone else had gone in there last night and was stuck too because no one came into the bathroom for a long time…

Well that’s my story for the day. Hope you got a laugh out of it.


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