Er, Life Update?

Today is the last day of undergrad finals. Usually by this time in the year I am already home for summer break. This year is different. Because I am on co-op (aka interning), I am working for 6 months straight and will not be done until the end of June. However, I still will not be going home when I’m done. I have decided to stay in Boston this summer (partly to secure a place to live in the Fall and other-partly for other reasons). I am a little sad about not going home because I’m going to miss out on catching up with people that I don’t get to see enough during the schoolyear, and also because my home church is going through a tough time and I won’t be there to support them. But I am a little excited about this new “adventure” that I am about to embark on. I will be moving into a new apartment come July with my sister and two friends. It feels slightly bizarre because it seems like such a grown up thing to do and I do not yet feel grown up, though everyday I am getting closer and closer to twenty-one.  I mean, I guess that’s still pretty young by American standards, but I am still very dependent on my parents. In other cultures, I’d be an old maid by now. Hahahaha…

…which brings me to another “story”. My parents were in L.A. for the past few days and they called and I got to talk to one of my cousins that I only get to see once every few years. Anyway, as I should have expected, he asks me about everyone’s status…as in dating or single. I don’t know why it’s such an awkward  topic for me to talk about since I really enjoy being single, but somehow I always feel embarrassed to admit that. Maybe it’s because every one of my brothers and cousins have been in at least one relationship by the age I am now, and that makes me think, “Is there something wrong with me?!” Well, yeah, there are plenty of things wrong with me but that’s besides the point. After I gave the status updates, my cousin goes on and gives me a pep talk about how it’s okay to be single and that things will come when I least expect it. In my head I’m just like “yeah yeah yeah…” Okay, that’s the end of that story.

I haven’t really said anything about my job since my entry before leaving for my very first day. It was exciting at first just being in a new environment and meeting new people and learning how the office operated, but all that quickly died after a few weeks. Often there’s nothing for me to do, or when there is, it’s just busy work. I don’t have any real responsibilities since I’m only a temp and it’d be pointless to train me to do a job just to have me leave after six months. It was especially difficult working there after my spring break trip to New Orleans to help build homes post-Hurricane Katrina (yes, they are still rebuilding and will probably be at it for the next decade at least). I felt the life being sucked out of me sitting in that office. It has worn off a bit since then, but it still kind of sucks. No one really likes an office job, but kill me if I ever get stuck in one long-term in the future. I’d take heavy lifting and manual labor over sitting in an office in front of a computer anyday. Only another two months left… ‘sigh’

So spring weather has finally arrived (and it’s suppose to be eighty degrees on Sunday!!!). There are daffodils everywhere! I love it! I’ll take a picture to post later if I remember.

Good bye!


One thought on “Er, Life Update?

  1. i hate warm/hot weather. every hot summer day is just a glimpse of what hell would be like. i’m glad i’m not going to hell!

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