What is Christmas about?

Yesterday at InterVarsity large group, one of our staff workers gave a little “talk” about money and stewardship. She gave everyone a $1 bill and asked us to commit to doing one thing with it. It could be anything, no judgment. I honestly didn’t know what to do with mine; whether to save it, spend it, or give it away. I ended up putting it in a “secret” pocket in my jacket for me to “accidentally” find in the future or for use in an emergency. Anyway, we watched this video at the end.

It’s no secret that Christmas has become a consumeristic (is that a word?) holiday in the U.S., but as powerful as the message is in this video, I don’t think people are going to change their habits that much. They’ll feel guilty about it, then go back out to shop. I think there’s an expected reciprocation in gift giving even though people say they don’t expect anything back. I’m more often on the receiving end than the giving end when it comes to Christmas gifts, (even though I tell people not to get me anything), and it makes me feel bad that I didn’t “care enough” to get a gift for the other person. How do we stop this vicious cycle? How can we be better stewards of money and give more of ourselves?


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