One more week ’til I go home!

Ahh, so besides classes and all my too-many-extracurriculars this semester, I’ve also been on a co-op quest (for next semester). I was kind of worried at first since my major is so specific and the job market is pretty limited, but after two interviews, that I thought went fairly well, I’m feeling more relaxed.

Some more awesome news…I got a 95 on a midterm that I wasn’t even sure of!

I read an interesting article today about my generation of youngsters. The writer called us the “Moat People.”  (Previously we were known as the “Millenials,” something I was not aware of). Anyway, it talks about how young people post-9/11 are changing from a generation full of hope and opportunity to a generation that doesn’t expect much and wants to create their own small, protected communities to live in. Yet at the same time, this same generation acknowledges technological advances and globalization. I didn’t know whether to feel insulted or ashamed. There are definitely truths about us in the article, but as always, there are the exceptions. I think in times like these, where hope seems lost, deep down inside it is never really gone and everyone is just waiting for someone to do something awesome and inspire all. It’s a short read. Check it here.


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