Facebook vs. Face Time

So last week I went on a facebook fast. Why? I realized that I was spending every free moment on it and it sort of became an excuse to not have to hang out with people since it was informing me about “everything” that was happening in my friends’s lives anyway. It seems really stupid, but it was pretty hard staying away from it. I had to delete my facebook tab, and even then, my mouse would hover over the place where it use to be. I’m back on it now, but I’m trying to not fall back into the old habit, or at least go on it less. So while I was away from facebook, I did enjoy some quality face time with people, chatting, eating, playing cards. I didn’t take pictures for everything, but here are a few pictures from my facebook-fast after the jump.


One thought on “Facebook vs. Face Time

  1. hi Febie,
    I stumbled upon this post when I was looking for reactions on the Dentyne gum commercials. I find them very interesting.

    Facebook and other social networks facilitate a basic level of interaction, but cannot substitute nor replicate old school face time with friends.

    I hope you enjoyed your “fast”. If you reflect upon it, you’ll notice that you didn’t really miss out on much.

    So go out, be hangoutable, and see your friends more often!


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