It’s like the world changed in one second.
I can’t believe I’m here to witness big history in the making.

I didn’t participate in any celebration rallys last night as Obama was named the victor ’cause I was dead tired and went to sleep, but I’ve been hearing about crazy things people did. Here in Boston, it was like the Red Sox won the World Series. People were screaming in the streets, climbing light poles, and there was an impromptu parade here at Northeastern. Students then marched themselves over to the Christian Science Center and decided to go for a swim in the reflection pool. Man, I wish I had been able to witness it. That pool is HUMONGOUS but it’s only about 2 feet deep at most. Entering the reflection pool is prohibited by the way. Festivities continued there until about 2am when the police came and got people out of the pool. Heh heh.


Here’s a link to the article in the Huntington News about the post-election celebration here at Northeastern.


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