Last Day of “Freedom”

Tomorrow is the first day of classes. Finally. I think I’m ready. After four months of break? Yeah.

[Photo courtesy of Claudia Snell]


So I was thinking about comfort the other day. Comfort especially in church/Christian settings. I’ve been in Boston for two years already and I have yet to find a church/fellowship that I feel comfortable enough to be transparent with. I have been attending a church here and a fellowship on campus, but I haven’t really been able to share my life with them beneath the surface. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my personality and it takes me longer to trust people. But yeah, I tell a few of my “closer” friends here this and they tell me, “You’re never suppose to feel comfortable.”  I get their point in that we’re suppose to be challenge or else we’ll never grow, but at the same time it feels so contradictory…

Which brings me to my next point of worry: co-leading a co-ed small group. I have this continual back-and-forthness about this leadership position. Right now I’m feeling really reluctant to lead, but since I already agreed to it, there’s no turning back, so I’m just stuck here worrying about it. I’m not comfortable at all. Shoot me.

Sometimes I wonder why God made me the “big sister.” I’m such a sissy. My sister is so much braver than I am.


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