A Guava Sunset

I came home today and the sky made me think “guava.”

I finished reading Breaking Dawn late last week. I liked it. Everything fell into place very nicely together. I am still a fan of Jacob Black. I don’t care what everyone else says.

Yesterday, Joyce and I had paninis for lunch in Sheep Meadow of Central Park. We walked up there and back. There was a chance of rain, but the day stayed dry. We had a pleasant, long conversation about “life, and love, and happiness, and then the Holy Ghost.” (Audio Adrenaline lyrics, if you didn’t know, heheheh). On the way back we stopped by Borders and I picked up the new Family Force 5 cd “Dance or Die.” I haven’t really had a chance to listen and appreciate it yet, but if i were to give it a quick comparison to their debut album, I don’t think this one measures up as well.

I was excited to head back to Boston, but I’m suddenly having back-to-school anxiety.


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