It seems like bands always split around the same time of each other. So far, all of the splits have been cordial, but sad nonetheless. I remember a few years ago when Steve, bassist of Sanctus Real and Brian Pittman, bassist of Relient K both departed from their bands. I think around the same time there were some switch ups in Hawk Nelson as well.

A month ago, I found out that Rob and Mark of Mae were going their separate ways, and today I found out that Dave Douglas is leaving Relient K at the end of this year. I’ve only recently really started listening to Mae, and I got the chance to meet them this summer, so I’m not as heartbroken as I am about Dave Douglas leaving RK, but it’s still sad. I’ve followed Relient K almost from the beginning, so hearing that Dave Douglas wasn’t going to be part of the band after this year was pretty devastating. I know I’m making it sound a little more dramatic than it really is, but I’m really going to miss him. His drumming was one of the things that gave RK its unique sound. The worst part about this news is that I’m not going to get the chance to see them play live before this year is over. Well, at least he’s not completely disappearing from the music scene; he’ll be focusing more on Gypsy Parade (band with his wife?). Wishing you the best, Dave Douglas! Hopefully I will get the chance to meet you one day.


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