We had a gross, rainy day earlier this week, but it was followed by two gorgeous, sunny days. Here’s the view from my window on one of the sunnier days.

While checking out this view, I noticed something on the roof.

It’s one of those fake owls. I never knew what they were for, so out of curiosity I looked it up. Turns out they function somewhat like a scarecrow to keep birds, pests, and rodents away. I remember back in my middle school days, when I would walk back home, I would sometimes pass by FIT, and I remember seeing one of those fake owls situated beneath the cantilever on the corner. The only thing was that there were a gazillion pigeons hanging around with it, so it didn’t really serve its function; and that corner was infamous (in my mind) because half the sidewalk of that corner was covered in pigeon poop. Nasty.

So, my suite is now filled up to its capacity of 6 people. Some tension is beginning to build between some of the girls, but I am determined to stay on everyone’s good side. It is not fun to live with enemies.

Well, the weekend is almost here. It’s pretty packed already. I wonder how that always happens. I need to put my foot down on time management or else my partial scholarship is gone. And that’s no good, no sirree!


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