Summer and Fall

I’m back at Northeastern. My mom and sister helped me move in yesterday, but tonight will be the first time I’m staying in my new single room. We took a trip up to my aunt and uncle’s to check out their restaurant and stayed the night. While we were there, it was non-stop eating. They wouldn’t stop making food for us. Then my cousin took us to see from corn fields. Also hung out a while with some sunflowers, squashes, pumpkins and evergreen trees. It was a lot of fun frolicking through farmlands. Heehee. Below are a few pictures. Check out the rest of the fun here.

So, a few thoughts about this past summer: It was the longest summer of my life. Four months. I got back at the end of April and spent most of May and June just sitting around because most people haven’t gotten out of school yet. In the meantime I applied for a few jobs but didn’t hear back from any until about July. Creation Fest at the end of June was probably the most fun thing this summer. Then I worked July to August at the Scholastic Bookstore in Soho. I complained a lot about it, but it actually wasn’t that bad. It was only on the days that a certain one of my bosses came in that were horrible. Besides him, it was a pretty nice work environment. I got to enjoy AC during my shifts and my co-workers were all pretty chill. I ended work a week before I had to move back and made one last trip with Cynthia to Long Beach. It was a GORGEOUS day that day. It’s too bad more people couldn’t come that day. The rest of the last week was spent packing for school and driving my sister to and back from volleyball practice. And oh yeah, I got red highlights.

Books I read this summer:
New Way To Be Human
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
The Golden Compass
The Subtle Knife
The Amber Spyglass

I think that’s a good amount. I feel accomplished. 🙂

Right now, there are only 3 people in my 6-person suite. The people in the double next to me switched at the last minute and I think the girl in the other single is moving in tomorrow. It’s really nice here, and my housemates are nice enough. We have two full baths, an ample kitchen, and a spacious common room which is currently occupied by some of my housemates’ friends. I’m really glad for my single but I think I’m more excited about the kitchen which is located right outside my room. I can’t wait to try my hand at cooking for myself and baking goodies for people. Whee! Come visit me! Lots of room here!

Here’s my room:

Alright, big day tomorrow. Good night!


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