An Adventure in Our Own Backyard

Last night after watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with my sister and Joyce, we and my cousin, Linda went camping in my backyard. We didn’t know it was going to rain last night because it was pretty dry when we headed out to the tents, so we were pretty surprised when around 2:30 in the morning it was even noisier than all the bugs and crickets chirping. The tent started leaking in some places, but nothing too bad. The storm was pretty crazy with the downpour of 2-3 inches per hour plus lightning and thunder, but we had no idea how serious it was until we headed back inside the house at about 6:30 and watched the news. People were out of power, the sewers were backed up, trains were not running at all, and the news reporters were telling us to stay in as if there was a blizzard coming. Then we heard about tornado warnings and started laughing because we were all so oblivious to this, but totally grateful that nothing bad happened to us. (There were two times when lightning lit up right outside our tent and the thunder was super loud). I really enjoy listening to thunderstorms, but they can be pretty scary when you consider their power especially when all you have over your head is a semi-waterproof tent that had metal poles in it. It really was an adventure. I loved it!

So a few thoughts on Order of the Phoenix movie. Like most people who have read the books, the movie was a bit of a let down, but I was sort of expecting it since nothing can be as great as our imaginations. They changed some stuff from the book, but not too much that will deviate for the last two movies. The movie was really well-made with all the different special effects, but I just wished they followed the book more. Even though it wasn’t that great, I still enjoyed it a lot because it was funny in ways it was not intended to be and commentary from the audience was hilarious. Oh, and of course, Rupert Grint is a great actor and beautiful. 😀

Married at 24: Crazy in Love or Just Crazy? I was reading this article the other day and I thought it was really cute and romantic. I’ve always sort of wanted to get married young but I can’t really see that happening. (Or who knows, maybe God will surprise me?) It sucks that people view getting married at a young age as a death sentence, when it really shouldn’t be. I understand that marriage is a really HUGE committment, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly, but I couldn’t help but be in awe at the last paragraph; I think it speaks for itself:

“In a way, Rob and I grew up together. We helped make each other — for better or worse. Getting married wasn’t about settling down or having stability; it was about joining forces for an adventure neither of us could have alone. It was like standing at the edge of a cliff with rushing water beneath us. We were happy, terrified — and against all expectations, we jumped. But we were holding hands, and even if we were falling fast, we were together. Are together.”

Take a minute, it’s a good read. 🙂

I’m halfway through The Golden Compass. Movie for it is coming out December 7th.


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