Rupert Grint!!! All that’s left too see is HP5.

I have a renewed respect for Rupert Grint. He’s a pretty good actor and he’ll definitely go beyond the Harry Potter series. I saw two of his other movies this weekend: Thunderpants and Driving Lessons. Both great movies (except for a few bits and parts) but totally different genres. Watching Driving Lessons last night really made me want to go camping.

Here’s an interview outside of all the Harry Potter mania.

Yesterday I drove some of the teens from TeenLIGHT to the Johnson’s house in NJ for a chill out day. It was really fun and relaxing. Even though I’m only working part-time, I get sort of tense for some reason whenever I have days off…as if I’m not suppose to be on vacation. So weird. And oh yeah, Caroline Johnson makes the best home-made salsa. DELICIOUS!

On the way back home last night, it was raining like crazy and almost non-stop lighting and thunder. The lightning was incredible but kind of scary at the same time. It lit up the whole sky. It was especially cool when I got to see the lightning bolt coming straight down on the earth (as oppose to reflected light from a distance). Seeing it made me think of how great God is, but how we need to fear him as well. Really thankful that we got home safely because it was REALLY hard to see through all that rain.

This week I also got to see Night at the Museum. (This movie has a lot of different posters). It was actually better than I thought it’d be. Funny and kind of heart-warming. Haha.

Well, that’s all for now. Maybe in the next post I’ll put up some pictures.


2 thoughts on “Rupert Grint!!! All that’s left too see is HP5.

  1. I thought Rupert did well in his other movies too. He said he learned a lot doing Driving Lessons and that’s good for his career.

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