I started reading this book as a request by someone to see if it was a good read. I’m not usually into journalistic kind of books where the author reports on interviews, observations, or experiences, but I’ll admit that sometimes they do come by as interesting. I mean, who isn’t interested in a book that talks about sex? Anyway, there wasn’t anything in the book that I’ve never heard before, though I can’t say that I still wasn’t shocked about how casually the young women in the book gave themselves away at times. Maybe some need to learn by experiencing something on their own, but isn’t it obvious through the times that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t entirely detach emotions from sex? Although I can’t sympathize (or empathize? not sure which to use) with the young women in the book because I have never allowed myself to enter the hook-up culture, Stepp does give some good points as to why so many young women subject themselves to it in this day and age. Their stories make me sad, but also really appreciative for the way I have been raised and for all the support I’ve been given in my life without having to “try and take over the world.” If this topic tickles your senses, then I’d say go have a look at the book, but I wouldn’t say it’s a “must-read.”


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