Harry Potter Week

I have now finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I won’t discuss too much because I know a bunch of people haven’t had the chance to get to it, but it is sooo good. Sad though, as you should expect some to die, but good. J.K. Rowling really knows how to keep you in suspense but always tie everything together at the end so it makes sense (no rhyme intended). If you haven’t jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon yet, I ask you, WHY NOT?! You are missing out!

Anyway, as you may or may not know, I have been working at Scholastic for the past month and I must say it has been quite the experience. Some days are good and I leave work happy and satisfied, but other days are just downright horrible. I have one boss who is an absolute killjoy. Whenever he’s around, I feel so stressed, incapable to do my job, and often on the verge of tears. I know I’m a soft person and don’t take criticism too well when delivered in a certain tone, but I always get blamed for things that are not entirely my fault. Some days I feel like quitting right then and there, but then I think and realize it will do me no good to give up so easily. I just thank God it’s only a part-time job because I don’t think I could deal if it was every day…

Well, I haven’t really gotten the chance to share more about the retreat or what God has been teaching me thus far, so I guess I’ll do that now. I had a really great time at the retreat listening to the messages and being able to just spend time with people from my church. It wasn’t really anything “extraordinary” that left me on a spiritual high or what you would expect at the end of a retreat, but something even better. I can’t really explain this change except that I feel it’s something more constant; like a pair of old jeans to make you feel at home but also like your heart in your stomach (or whatever combination of organs you feel) when you experience that first drop on a roller coaster. On a slightly unrelated note to the retreat, I don’t remember if I ever expressed this on Xanga, but ever since coming back from Creation Fest, God has really given me a heart for the homeless. It has a lot to do with hearing Mike Yankowski’s stories as a homeless man, but also a bit from reading New Way to Be Human by Charlie Peacock, having Bread with Him every morning (since the retreat), and little things He has shown me everyday to teach and humble me when I get too in over my head. One of the things that stood out to me from the messages from the retreat was how our love for God should be so intense that it makes our love for our family/friends/significant others look like hate. That was a big WHOA for me. It seems impossible at the moment but I know it’s not so because many of people have proven it already. For example, Abraham’s love and faith in God was so great that he was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac. That was another WHOA factor for me. Pastor Jim Om used that story as an example to explain that God knows what is most valuable to us, what our “Isaac” is in life, and how we need to be careful because Satan can use even good things to blur our vision. If I’m not making any sense to you, don’t worry, I don’t usually make sense when I’m trying to explain personal matters. Heh. For those of you who heard my testimony, thanks for your prayers, and for those of you who haven’t, I’d be glad to share if it’ll be any better than this babbling. 🙂

On Tuesday, I went with my parents to Rockland Lake State Park. It’s really nice there. I’m sad I didn’t bring my camera with me. We went boat rowing and biking. The park was like a mini Central Park in the way that there was a path surrounding a lake, but a lot less crowded. I got a few blisters on my hands from the oars, but they’re healing already. My dad brought a really old bike to go riding, the kind where the pedals only go up and down. To compare, it was like the bike version of our Vanagon; it broke down. Heh heh. We spent a good half hour trying to get the chain back on track. Good thing the weather was good yesterday or we might have melted. Yo Ling! If you’re reading this, let’s go rowing here next time!


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