I think I’m beginning to like ginger. Not ginger straight from the plant (or root? what do you call it?), but things that have a ginger flavor. For instance, the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory has a Ginger Ice Cream. It is sooo good. I’m not really sure how to describe the taste…it taste like ginger but it’s sweet. It’s ice cream with a spice tinge. Also, there’s this Raspberry Ginger cereal made by Peace Cereal that’s absolutely delicious. When I first poured it in a bowl, I was like “What the heck?! Those are the biggest clusters I have ever seen!” but Mmmm those clusters are what make the cereal. This reminds me, I made Lemon-Ginger muffins last summer and they were really good. I think I’ll make them again soon. If anyone knows of any other ginger foods that I should try, leave me a comment and let’s go eat!


One thought on “Ginger

  1. Ooo this is a pretty looking site! Nice colors!! Haha I think you should make gingerbread cookies! I love gingery foods too! I had this Ginger Cookie that my friend bought near FIT once and thinking about it just makes my mouth water! It was like spicy, sweet and chewy. Deliciouso!!! P= I wish I knew where she got that cookie =(

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